Amendment #7

Official Title:
Permanently Disabled Veterans' Discount on Homestead Ad Valorem Tax

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Proposing an amendment to the State Constitution to provide a discount from amount of ad valorem tax on homestead of a partially or totally permanently disabled veteran who is age 65 or older who was a Florida resident at the time of entering military service, whose disability was combat-related, and who was honorably discharged, to specify percentage of the discount as equal to the percentage of veteran’s permanent service-connected disability; to specify qualification requirements for the discount; to authorize the Legislature to waive the annual application requirement in subsequent years by general law; and to specify that the provision takes effect December 7, 2006, is self-executing, and does not require implementing legislation.
Amendment Type:
Legislative/Joint Resolution, this amendment was placed on the ballot by the Florida Legislature during the 2006 Legislative Session.  It was required to pass both the Senate and House by a 60% vote to be eligible for the ballot.
Florida Legislature
HJR 631 (2006 Session)
Sponsor:  Rep. Ray Sansom (Fort Walton Beach)
Known Proponents:
Known Opponents:


Were Paid Signature Gatherers Used to Place This on the Ballot?
N/A - Amendment was placed on the ballot via the Legislature.  It was required to pass both the Senate and House by a 60% vote.
This is a chance to give thanks to veterans who were wounded in combat serving our country. The amendment would provide substantial ad valorem or “property tax” relief for Florida’s military veterans who have fought in a foreign war.  The proposed amendment would ensure the exemption is in proportion to the amount of disability a veteran receives.
Every permanent Florida resident who has legal title to and resides on real property is eligible for a homestead exemption of $25,000.  Currently, disabled veterans receive an additional $5,000 homestead exemption. Providing an additional discount may cause some local governments to lose the income they would normally receive from these taxes.
What Your Vote Means:
If approved by voters, Amendment #7 would lower taxes for certain disabled veterans* by allowing them to take a discount on their homestead property tax equal in proportion to the amount of disability as determined by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. (Effective December 7, 2006)
If Amendment #7 is not approved by voters, veterans eligible for the current law, which authorizes a $5,000 exemption for certain ex-servicemen who are disabled to a degree of 10 percent or more as a result of service in war, would still receive the $5,000 exemption.
Financial Impact:
The Office of Economic and Demographic Research (EDR) has estimated the fiscal impact to be $20.1 million.

Note:  The Financial Impact Estimating Conference is not required to adopt and prepare official financial impact statements to accompany proposed constitutional amendments which are placed on the ballot by the Florida Legislature. The Revenue Estimating Conference has estimated that the recurring fiscal revenue to local governments will be $1 million; it does not appear to have an impact on local expenditures.

*Required Documentation for Disable Veterans:

  • Proof of residency at time of entering service
  • Proof that injury was combat-related
  • Official letter from the U.S. Dept. of Veteran's Affairs stating that the percentage of the veteran's service-connected permanent disability
  • Copy of the veteran's honorable discharge




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